Chrome Fire Extinguishers

Our chrome fire extinguishers work just as effectively at extinguishing fires as the ones made with more traditional materials.  The only difference is they have a stylish, modern look which makes them ideal for a modern office or retail outlet.

These are polished to a chrome finish and completely stand out which gives them an edge in spotting where the fire extinguishers are positioned.

Made with stainless steel.

Fire extinguishers that are not painted red are not compliant with the BS EN3 standard which requires 95% of the body to be red.  However this is not a problem as everything is made using the same components and materials as the red products keeping them at the required standard.

We have in stock –

  • 6L and 9L in Water, Foam and Dry Powder
  • 2KG and 5KG in CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

These look even better with a Chrome Stand and would finish the stylish look you are going for alongside giving them that extra gleam so they are easily spotted in the event of a fire.

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