Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers are typically used for Class A, B & F Fires.  They come in 3 sizes of 2L, 3L and 6L and although they are more expensive then the standard prices they cover 3 different fire ratings on all 3 sizes.  They usually installed in commercial kitchens where large deep fat fryers are located.  Their main use is for cooking oils, lard, margarine etc but they can be used for class A & B fires also.

Our wet chemical fire extinguishers are manufactured by Firechief so therefore all extinguishers have genuine full BSI and CE Kitemark’s to EN3 Standards and BAFE certification.  The Firechief range are manufactured in Europe to the EN3 standards and not imported from the far east.

All Fire Extinguishers need to be installed and commissioned by a BAFE Qualified Fire Technician in accordance with BS5306-8:2012 to ensure the correct installation.  Our parent company Fire Safety Managers Ltd has a team of Fire Extinguisher Technicians directly employed by us and can offer discounted rates for those fire extinguishers purchased from FSM Online. Click here for more information.

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