2 Litre Wet Chemical fire

Firechief 2 litre Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Technical Specification

Fire Rating: 8A 34B 25F
Height: 405mm
Diameter: 110mm
Total Width: 110mm
Throw Range: 3.3M
Discharge Time: 13 Secs



Product Description

Designed for Class F fires, this Firechief 2 Litre Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher is ideal for small kitchens and caravans where cooking oils and fats are the risk. Independent fire tests have established that it is capable of extinguishing a fire in a 25 litre deep fat fryer. They also come with a wire bracket to secure it during transport.

These are very handy for small cafe’s, catering stands and even caravan’s that have a deep fat fryer as these cover 3 classes of fire – A, B & F

  • Approved to BSEN3
  • Kitemark, LBCB and MED approved
  • Holds 5 year guarantee
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • Includes wall hanging bracket
  • Squeeze grip operation

Suitable for home kitchens, mobile catering vans, small cafes but not catering kitchens (6 Litre recommended)

Fire Rating: 8A, 34B , 25F

Types of Fire: Although mainly for Class F fires (deep fat fryers) these can be used on Class A and B fires also.

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