20 Person First Aid Kit

20 Person First Aid Kit

Technical Information:

Height: 225mm

Width: 275mm

Depth: 90mm



Product Description

This 20 Person First Aid Kit is Perfect for Homes and Small/Medium Size Offices.

The robust container for this 20 person first aid kit is made from thick walled polypropylene so the unit is able to take the rigor of a tough environment. It can cover for up to 20 people in average hazard areas.

Contents: 6 x triangular bandages, 9 x medium dressings (120 x 120mm), 3 x large dressings (180 x 180mm), 4 x eye pad dressings, 1 x instruction leaflet, 2 x pair vinyl gloves, 2 x packs safety pins, 10 x non-alcoholic wipes, 40 x transparent plasters


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