c-tec 8 zone conventional repeater panel

C-Tec 8 Zone Conventional Repeater Panel



Product Description

The C-Tec 8 Zone Conventional Repeater Panel mimics the indicators of the master control panel and by using the keypad/keyswitch provided allows entry so the user can have access to all Access Level 1 and Access Level 2 functions from remote parts of the site. The master control panel can operate up to 8 repeater panels but requires an additional CFP-761 Network Driver card to operate each repeater.

  • Mimics up to 8 zones from the main control panel
  • Requires CFP761 Network driver card to operate
  • Keypad/Keyswitch Entry
  • Gives access to Level 1 and Level 2 functions
  • Requires independant power supply and battery back-up
  • Connection to main panel requires 2 core fire resistant cable

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