C-Tec Relay Output Card

C-Tec Relay Output Card

This C-Tec Relay Output Card provides reset, fault, auxiliary fire and remote relays.



Product Description

C-Tec Relay Output Card (2 output per zone relays for CFP702-4) – CFP766. An optional system expansion device for use with CFP702-4 Standard 2 Zone Fire Panels or CFP702-2 Alarm Sense 2 Zone Fire Panels. Provides two output per zone relays which will changeover when the corresponding zone is in alarm.

Key Features:

  • PCB mounts inside the CFP fire panel.
  • Outputs are NOT designed to switch mains voltages.
  • Plugs into main control panel
  • Provides reset, fault, auxiliary fire and remote relays
  • Zonal Board with only 2 relays to give zonal alarm per zone for the CFP 2 zones

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