Fire retardant spray

Fire Retardant Spray



Product Description

This water-based Fire Retardant Spray will treat any water-absorbent material including natural and synthetic materials and fabrics. It is very easy to apply as it comes in a 750ml trigger spray container. The retardant works by creating an invisible layer that deflects heat.

The fire retardant spray is simple to use, non-toxic, odourless and requires no specialist equipment (although we recommend you keep the area well ventilated). It can be flameproof both natural and synthetic absorbent materials such as fabrics, cardboard, foam, paper, hessian and untreated wood. The treatment will last the useful lifetime of the material but should be re-applied if the material gets wet.

  • Passed BS5852:1990 and BS5867:Part 2:1980
  • Easy to apply
  • 1 litre treats 10-15 square meters

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