Slimline 1kg Powder Automatic Extinguisher

Height (mm): 265

Diameter (mm): 80

Discharge time (secs): 8

Capacity: 1KG

Filled weight (kg): 2

Bulb release temperature (°C): 68

Coverage (sq m): 3



Product Description

This Slimline 1kg Powder Automatic Extinguisher comes with a wall hanging bracket for easy installation. It would be commonly used in small engine/plant rooms as it’s dry powder extinguishant covers most fires involving wood/paper, flammable liquids and it also covers nonelectrical fires.

  • Stored pressure
  • Supplied complete with fixing bracket
  • Pressure gauge for easy routine checking
  • Designed for enclosed areas
  • For class A, B & C fires (normal combustibles, flammable liquids & flammable gases)
  • Suitable for use on electrical fires

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